Yemen: Presidential decree declares all victims of the peaceful revolution as martyrs


President Hadi issued a presidential decree that stated all victims of the peaceful revolution are now martyrs who sacrificed their souls for their country.

The decree included the adoption of a salary for each martyr or disabled person. People who are partially disabled will be taken care of underneath the Social Welfare Fund.

Accordingly, the fund was appointed to prepare a list of all those who died or who were injured during the revolution.

According to the decree, injured people will be treated either in- country or abroad depending on the injury itself.

In this regard, the decree appointed the fund to validate the data of those affected by the decree.

Source: National Yemen, March 12, 2012,


The presidential decree No.(8) reads as follows:

After the perusal of Yemeni constitution and according to the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism signed on November 23, 2011, it is decided to: Article (1.a) : consider all civilians who were killed in 2011 due to the peaceful protests as martyrs of the nation.

(b) Adopt soldier salary for each martyr and totally disabled person, whereas partially disabled would be included in social welfare fund according to the fund’s system. The fund should prepare a regulation for martyrs and totally displaced, issued according to a decree from the Premier.

(c) the government should offer heath care for the injured and treat them whether inside the country or abroad according to the nature of injury.

Article (2): the government should provide the required funds, while the social welfare fund must verify data validation of those covered people in article (1).

Article (3): Nothing in this decree shall preclude the completion of the procedure for issuing law/laws of national reconciliation and transitional justice.

The last article, No.(4), stipulated that the decree shall be effective from its issuance date and to be published in the official gazette.

Source: Sept. Net, March 17, 2012,