baradei-jpg20130724160051The first meeting devoted to transitional justice and national reconciliation led by interim president Adly Mansour was attended by Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei, representatives of several political forces, the Sunni Islam institute of Al-Azhar, and the Egyptian Coptic Church. Most Islamist parties and groups were not present. The Muslim Brotherhood, who doesn’t recognize Mansour or the interim government installed by the army after the July 3 ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi, declined an invitation to attend the meeting.

Attendees of the national reconciliation meeting have stressed on the need to take action against “violence and terrorism,” Egypt’s presidency announced in a statement.

“Participants have called on the state to take the needed measures and procedures in order to confront violence and get rid of terrorism in accordance to the law,” read the statement, which was signed by the minister of transitional justice and national reconciliation, Mohamed Amin El-Mahdy.

The statement comes hours after General Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, head of Egypt armed forces, called for protests on Friday to give the military a mandate to confront “violence and potential terrorism.”

“Egypt has already started a war on terrorism. El-Sisi’s calls are to protect the revolution and the state,” said presidential media advisor Ahmed El-Muslimany.

Attendees have stressed that an enforcement of the law is a must in order to implement transitional justice. They also agreed on the formation of a committee concerned with means of applying transitional justice and national reconciliation, according to the presidency statement.

“Participants have expressed their regret for the absence of some representatives from the Islamic current,” read the statement.

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