STL posters

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon circulated posters of Hassan Habib Merhi, the fifth Hezbollah member to be indicted over the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

In a statement on its website, the U.N.-backed court said its representatives delivered posters of Merhi to the Lebanese authorities for the purpose of public advertisement.

Merhi, who was identified by the court as a “Hezbollah supporter,” was indicted over the Feb. 14, 2005, assassination of Hariri in the Lebanese capital. Four other members of Hezbollah have been indicted in the case but the resistance group has denied any involvement in Hariri’s murder.

“According to the Tribunal’s rules, the Lebanese authorities are requested to advertise the poster in the media to notify the public and to call on the accused to surrender to the Tribunal,” the court said on its website. “The information given to the Lebanese authorities includes the biographical details of Mr. Merhi along with two identifying photographs,” it added.

The court sent the indictment and the arrest warrant for Merhi to the Lebanese authorities in early August so that they could search for, arrest and transfer the accused to STL custody.

The Lebanese authorities had a month to carry out what the court described as an obligation. No arrests have been made so far in Lebanon.

The U.N.-backed court has repeatedly criticized Lebanese authorities for their efforts in searching for and apprehending the four suspects indicted in 2011.

Source: Daily Star Lebanon, Oct. 11, 2013,